Parish School of Religion

Living The Gospel: A Ministry for Children with Learning Differences

The mission of St. Catherine of Siena Parish School of Religion is to assist our families in fulfilling their baptismal promises and to lead them into a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ.  We strive to carry out this mission by providing spiritual formation, catechesis, and fellowship. 

The goal of the Living the Gospel program is to bring religious education to a diverse group of students at their level in their learning style.  Students who are intellectually or physically different will benefit from the small classroom setting with a multi-sensory approach to Catholic teachings.

Maximizing the strengths and gifts of the students will be the focus as students explore the same curriculum as all St. Catherine of Siena PSR students but in a way conducive to their learning style.

Our highly trained volunteers will help our students minimize their disability by using workarounds.  Church is for everyone.  We will help the students work around sensory disorders in a crowded noisy church setting, have picture cards available for sacraments and daily Catholic living.  We will guide those with physical disabilities to see, hear, touch and taste what may have been restricted to them before.


The instruction will follow the gospel weeklies with a variety of resources being employed to inform a diverse group of learners.  Games, skits, books, play, crafts, worksheets, pray, adoration and music will be incorporated to hook and stimulate interest in the subject of the day. 

Homework may be given to “practice what we preached.”


Special Needs

Rebecca Sartain