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Sunday Mass Schedule Change

Dear St. Catherine Parish Family,

Last weekend at all of our Masses I announced some changes to our Sunday PSR and Mass schedule. I have been discerning these changes for a number of months and have been speaking to several parishioners and staff members and have decided to go ahead with the changes beginning Sunday, August 20th. We will be shortening our PSR class time by five minutes, and we will move our 10:30am Mass to 10:15am. This will reduce the amount of wait time between PSR and the next Mass, but it will still leave enough time to manage the flow of traffic. Our 12:30pm Mass will move to 12:00 noon, which will allow us to move up our Mass in Spanish from 2:30pm to 1:30pm. Our Hispanic Community has been requesting to move this Mass earlier, as 2:30pm is quite late in the day for many families. The other Sunday Mass times will remain the same. So the new schedule for Sundays will be as follows:


Mass - 7:30am

PSR - 9:00am-9:55am

Mass - 10:15am

Mass - 12:00 noon

Mass - 1:30pm (Spanish)

Mass - 5:00pm

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