Technology for Catholics!

Dear St. Catherine Parish Family,


One of the claims that I often hear about the Catholic faith is that it can be somewhat archaic and old-fashioned.  A lot can certainly be said about this, and I would argue that retaining our connection to the ancient faith and traditions handed on from the time of Christ and the apostles is certainly central to maintaining the integrity of our faith and identity as Catholics. That being said, it is imperative that we are always open to new and different ways of communicating the faith and evangelizing.  


Pope St. John Paul II called for a "new evangelization that is new in ardor, methods, and expression.”  It goes without saying that one of the most effective "new" methods of evangelization that we have is the use of the internet and social media.  I have always been a fan of technology (I went to Georgia Tech after all), and I think using technology at the service of the gospel is an important means for us to really be effective in communicating the beautiful truths that we have been given.  


This past year, we have expanded our use of technology and social media drastically.  We have significantly updated our website and have made it much more aesthetically attractive and easy to use.  We have also been sending out regular weekly email blasts with important news and events that are happening around our parish and schools (if you are not receiving our weekly emails, please visit our website to join our email list, and make sure to check you spam or junk mail in case it is going there).  Additionally, we have started using our Facebook page as an important tool for communications and evangelization.  You can follow us at  Our Life Teen group also uses Instagram and Twitter to communicate with our teens and parents.  


Recently, we also subscribed to FORMED, which is like a Netflix for Catholics.  Through this service, our parishioners can stream audio and video content from several excellent Catholic publishers (you can visit our website to sign up for this free service).  In addition, we just started posting audio recordings of my Sunday Mass homilies online, which can be accessed from our website.  And finally, I am very excited that we are now live streaming our Faith Ablaze! Sunday morning adult faith formation classes through our YouTube channel.  So, those of you who are not able to attend in person on Sundays, can still view these excellent presentations given by Dr. Paul Thigpen (visit our live stream page at to access the live stream or the archived presentations).  


If you have any recommendations or ideas for how we can continue to improve our use of technology and social media for our communications and evangelization efforts, please feel free to contact me.  The best way to get in touch with me is by regular old email! 




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