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Happy Mother's Day

Dear St. Catherine Parish Family,

On this Mother’s Day weekend, I am particularly grateful to all the wonderful mothers of our parish, and in a special way, I thank God for the gift of my own mother. I would like to echo the words of St. John Paul II who, in 1995, wrote in his Letter to Women: “Thank you, women who are mothers! You have sheltered human beings within yourselves in a unique experience of joy and travail. This experience makes you become God's own smile upon the newborn child, the one who guides your child's first steps, who helps it to grow, and who is the anchor as the child makes its way along the journey of life.”

On this day, let us all entrust all of our mothers to the care of the Mother of God. May our Blessed Mother watch over all mothers in fulfilling the great vocation given to them by our heavenly Father. (Please see the list below of those mothers who will be remembered in a particular way as part of our novena of Masses.)

Sincerely in Christ,

Fr. Neil Dhabliwala

Fr. Neil

Florence Abalo

Angeline Agate

Maria Alba Ahlberg

Phyllis Albansoder

Anne-Marie Albaugh

Herna Alize

Carmen Amodio

Holly Amodio

Dorothy Ange

Laura Ange

Kimia Ansari

Tamara Ansari

Virginia Ansari

Christina Artis

Betty Ashburn

Ruby Badgett

Margaret Baeten

Maureen Baeten

Rebecca Baeten

Irene Agnes Bailey

Claudia Bannon

Jane Barlett

Kathy Barlett

Lea Ann Barlett

Marjorie Ann Barnes

Marceline Batusic

Theresa Bauer

Barbara R. Bean

Eva H. Bean

Marie Bednar

Nicole Benedict

Terry Benedict-Devine

Maureen Bennett

Gladys Benton

Antonuzza Bertucci

Peg Beswick

Agnes Birdzell

Stephanie Boardman

Barbara Bole

Lydia Borja

Rose Borja

Susan Bornais

Kathy Botti

Malou Bouck

Kelsey Boudreaux

Helen Bowden

Doris Bowman

Nancy Brady

Roberta Brady

Eva Bravo

Maria Bravo

Maria Cruz Bravo

Bernice Bremmer

Catherine Broch

Frances Fagan Brown

Kathleen Buchanan

Rita Bunda

Lee Burke

Bridget Burkholder

Christa Burkholder

Kathy Burkholder

Anita Lee Burnette

Linda Leah Ludwick Burnette

Frances Cahal

Marie Cahal

Doyce Caputo

Erlinda B. Carlos

Ann Carmon

Heidi Carmon

Vercie Carmon-Johnson

Brunette Carpenter

Tracy Carpenter

Panfila Carretas

Patricia Carroll

Antoinette Caruolo

Marie Casa

Mary Castelli

Angie Causey

Angie Causey

Audrey Causey

Mary Causey

Gerry Cazeaux

Lisa Cerenzia

Kelly Cervino

Ingrid Chambers

Nora Charron

Lauren Chen

Evelyn Christensen

Marie Christopher

Jessica Clark

Sara Clark

Gladys Cleary

Elizabeth Clegg

Carmella Clement

MaryLou Clifford

Molly Coelho

Susan Compise

Mary Maier Conaway

Aurelina Contreras

Guadalupe Contreras

Katie Coppola

Teresa Cribbs

Consuelo de la Cruz

Joyce Ann Dela Cruz

Olivia Cruz

Remedios Dela Cruz

Josephine Cunningham

Laurisa Curran

Leslie Curran

Virginia Curran

Doris Cuzzolino

Terry Cuzzolino

Stella Daleo

Joyce Daniell

Vicki Dart

Nadyne Daves

Mary Jo Davy

Minnie Davy

Therese Day

Marion Deas

Teresa Debono

Marion DeGrazia

Margarita Devia

Mary T Devine

Mary Margaret Devlin

Hermie Dhabliwala

Kristin Dhabliwala

Malvikha Dhabliwala

Melissa Dhabliwala

Louvernia Dobbs

Geneva Dockery

Karen Dollevoet

Augusta Donnelly

Catherine Dooley

Michelle Downey

Adeline Downs

Betty Lou Ducarme

Cadi Duplantis

Chandra Duplantis

Elvie Duplantis

Jeanne Duplantis

Lauren Duplantis

Melissa Duplantis