Would cloned humans have souls?

Q. If human beings were to be cloned, would the clones have souls?


A. Identical twins have souls, so I think we can assume that cloned human beings would also have souls. The Catholic Church teaches that the human soul is created directly by God for each individual, and if He creates separate souls for identical twins who start out as one human organism, then He would no doubt do the same for clones. 

Would it make a difference that they are artificially produced? The manipulation of human embryos in this way would certainly be immoral. But that doesn’t mean the resulting children would somehow lack a soul. Today many children have been born though the artificial method of in vitro fertilization (IVF), which is also morally problematic, yet these children certainly have souls. So there’s no reason to think that just because clones are artificially produced, God would not give them souls. PT

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