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Lenten Activities

Stations of the Cross

Please join us every Friday during Lent for Stations of the Cross. Stations in English will be at 7:00pm and in Spanish at 7:45pm. The Stations of the Cross, which follow the path of Christ from Pontius Pilate's praetorium to Christ's tomb are a popular devotion in parishes during Lent. In the 16th century, this pathway was officially entitled the “Via Dolorosa" (Sorrowful Way) or simply Way of the Cross or Stations of the Cross.

Lenten Fish Fry Dinners

Join us for our Knights of Columbus Lenten Fish Fry every Friday during Lent beginning Friday, February 16th from 5:00pm-7:00pm.

Lenten Regulations for Fasting

Abstinence from meat is observed on all Fridays during Lent by Catholics 14 years or older. Additionally, Catholics 18-60 years old observe fasting on Ash Wednesday and Good Friday. Those bound by this rule may eat only one full meal. Two smaller meals (that all together are not equal to a full meal) are also permitted as necessary. Those who are sick, pregnant, nursing, or with a compromised health that would be adversely affected by fasting or abstinence should not consider themselves bound by these norms.

Lenten Penance Services in the Area

The following is a list of Penance Services the will be taking place in the deanery during Lent. All Penance Services begin at 7:00pm.

February 21st- Transfiguration

February 26th - St. Joseph

February 27th - St. Ann

March 4th - Our Lady of La Salette

March 6th - Holy Family

March 11th - St. Michael the Archangel

March 12th - St. Catherine of Siena

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