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Easter Message and Flower Sponsorship

Dear St. Catherine's Parish Family,

I would like to wish all of you a very blessed Easter! Today we celebrate the triumph of our Lord Jesus over suffering and death. It is a time to remember, with gratitude, the beauty of our faith and the hope that we possess as Christians. I also want to welcome our newest members of the Church. We had 22 people who were fully initiated into the Church at the Easter Vigil through Baptism and/or Confirmation. I ask you to join me in praying especially for them, that the Lord would bless their new life as Catholics and help them to be faithful to the grace bestowed upon them through these sacraments. And I pray that the Lord will bless all of you and your families this Easter season and throughout the whole year.

Sincerely in Christ

Fr. Neil

In memory of

Carolyn Tye

Vicki Smith

Margaret L. Perry

John Shawn Callahan, II

Jose Luis Malacon Saab

Maria Valdes de Leon

Raymundo Frangie Fadl

Salvador Garcia Vargas

Agnes Masucci

Alba and Vincent Cosentino

The Holy Souls in Purgatory

Allen Dobson

Alma and Jun Mesina

Andy, Katherine and Dennis Koneck

Ann and Chuck Sullivan

Ann and Mike Pavella

Anthony Piano, Jr.

Arthur Piechowski

Bink Young

Bob & Carolee Allen

Christopher Masulla

Dolores Nanie-Braddick Rogers Family

Daniel and Mildred Hawes

Don Avery

Donna Gilstrap

Donald and Jeanine Gosselin

Douglas Kohser

John Badgett

Jerry Hill

Ed and Marie Flynn

Ed Bauser

Edna Daly

Edward and Mary Lou McPherson

Elena Cyr

Elkin Cushman

Erin Semple Morrarty

Evelyn P. Wittman

Flo and Paul Gautreau

Florence Abalo

Frank Draper

Gloria Cameron

Hagan Hussey

Jack Sedley

Joanne Mueller

John Boyko

John Martin

Joseph DePeter

Karon Duzich

Kevin DePeter

Leo Masulla

Lillian Kinskey

Margaret Ungrady

Joseph M. Williams

George and Doris Cuzzolino

Gerry and Donald Cazeaux

James R. Manning

Jim and Helen Malben

Joanne and Vern Polster

John and Gloria Sacco

Joseph and Roberta Brady

Joseph J. Wittman

Ken and Jane Jordan

Lolo Chioma

Beatrice Amuzie

Lt. Col. and Mrs. Herbert Silva

Mabel B. Griswold-Sapp

Margaret C. Confoy

Mary Kay King

Michael B. Scarbrough

Michael Da Costa

Michel Akley

Mickey and Arch Shero

John and Beatrice Karel

Norbert and Dolores Goldbeck

Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Coleman

James "Jamie" Frances McHenry IV

James "Mac" McHenry II

Mark Planovsky

Celesete Madonna McCormick

Loreen Planovsky

Jacqueline “Jackie” Goldbeck

Neil DeCola

Nicholas Conner Parks

Patricia McLaughlin

Paul O'Shields

Mary Granger

Allyn Ray and Lois Mullaly

Reem Akley

Richard and Sylvia Tressa

Rich and Peg Gruca

Richard and Karl Simmons

Richard and Lorraine Estep

Richard Cameron

Robert W. Griswold

Rosanne Phillips

Shirley Walker

Sister Margie Luddon

Sr. Pia

Tom Conklin

Tom Steinbock

Uncle Joe Nash

Vincent H. Ponko Jr.

Vincent M. Ponko

Virginia and Chic Curran

William and Emily Tumidajewicz

Yvonne Trogan

Clay and Bunny Thomas

Re Family Members

Taormina Family Members

Gus and Jean Tramonte

In honor of

Ann Potrawski

Chava Jr., Yesmis, Jaide, Bam Bam

Dan Potrawski

Daniel and Catherine Nagy

Daryl Lindemann

Glorimar Lali Novoa

Graff Family

Asdrian Emiko and Family

Ann Williams

Betty Lou and Gordon Small

Carena Cyr

Carol Kerr

DaCosta Family

Getschow Family

Gonsalves Family

Helen Rogers

Hella Quosigk

Kevin and Wendy Spitznagel

Rogers Family

Cusick Family

Kingdom of Heaven

O'Shields Daughters

Re/Becker Family

Thomas and Carlotta Rzepka

Catechumens and Candidates

Isaac, Chava, Ruben

Iversen Family

James and Antonette Caruolo

James and Antonette Entz

Jane Furman

Janet Dembickie

John and Katherine Witkowski

John J. Witkowski

Margaret Wiegel

Marie "Baba" Nenstiel

Mike Driscoll

Mr. and Mrs. Novoa

Patsy Bosworth

Phil Psaila

Philippa Denny

Phillip and Angela George

Phillips Family

Annette Granger Allyn

Marianne O'Shields

Robert Bremmer

Robert Furman

Robert Wiegel

Dominican Sisters

Wallace and Mary Riser


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