Update on Organ Installation & Dress for Mass

Dear St. Catherine Parish Family, Last year I wrote a letter letting you know that we had purchased a new organ for our church. The organ we have been using has had several issues over the years, and because it is over 40 years old, and the technology is obsolete, it became increasingly difficult and expensive to repair it. As I mentioned in my letter (click here to read the previous letter), we were able to purchase a slightly used organ that is just a few years old from a church in New York that was closing (providentially named St. Catherine of Siena). The delivery of the organ has taken much longer than we anticipated due to some design changes we made with regard to the pipe facade as well as scheduling and supply chain issues. As you know, the pipe facade was installed a few weeks ago, and I am happy to say that this week the organ console, speakers, and other equipment were installed. We still need to complete the tuning, which will be done this coming week (this weekend, Masses will be sung a cappella). If everything goes as planned with the tuning, we will begin using our new organ next weekend, and I will be blessing the organ, as is a traditional practice, at our 10:00am Mass next Sunday. I am really excited for you to hear the substantial difference in the quality of the sound of the new organ, and I am confident that it will contribute a great deal to the reverence and beauty in our liturgy. In that regard, I also sent out a letter last week regarding the Eucharistic Revival and the important of reverence in the Mass. If you have not read it, I would ask you to please do so. You can click here to read that letter. Specifically, I would ask you to support me in the request I made for us to begin dressing in our "Sunday best" (for the men, particularly, I would encourage dress slacks and a coat). I really think this could be something that could make an enormous impact in fostering a deeper reverence for the Mass and emphasizing the dignity and sacredness of the liturgy. I look forward to seeing you at Mass this weekend! Sincerely in Christ,

Fr. Neil