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Monthly Connection

Join hosts Amanda Morley and Lydia Borja for a monthly virtual class, where we'll cover topics relevant to YOUR journey with NFP -- from cycle problems and postpartum charting, to living NFP in real life, to ditching contraception and finding an NFP method that's right for you -- and much more! Learn from guest experts, hear other couples share their experiences, and get your questions answered, while building a strong community to support you.


Guest Speakers: Fr. Neil and Katie Morris, NP, from RHM Gynecology: Why Contraception is not the answer to family planning or cycle issues. You know that artificial birth control isn't "allowed" for Catholics. But do you know the reasons behind this sometimes hard-to-swallow rule? Join us to uncover the why's and why not's of contraception, and learn how both our health and our happiness are intimately joined to this issue.


During this call, Fr. Neil will unpack the Church's teachings and how they're designed not for our detriment, but for our fulfillment. Katie Morris, NP, will also break down the many negative impacts of contraceptives on the mental and physical health of women, and offer alternative options for your cycle health and family planning. You'll leave with empowering knowledge and plenty of great resources. Come to be enlightened and encouraged in your NFP journey!


**Join us at this link.

Upcoming Schedule


September 26: NFP in real life, with Daniel and Michelle West

October 24: Why Contraception is not the answer to family planning (via Zoom)

November 30: Mom's Bible Study NFP sharing (9:45 am at St. Catherine's) 

*No December meeting 



January 23 at 8:00pm: NFP Introduction Part 2 (via Zoom) 

February 27 at 8:00pm: Postpartum NFP - Amanda to give practical tools for charting NFP postpartum

March 26 at 8:00pm: Men's Night (via Zoom) - more details coming soon!

April 23 at 8:00pm: Women's Night (via Zoom) - more details coming soon!

May 28 at 8:00pm: Charting for health reasons 

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