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The Sacrament of Confirmation





All the activities for the students, both the forms and in person, are designed to enhance their faith formation and prepare them for the Sacrament.  The forms are very simple and will not require a great deal of time but do require dedicated effort and thoughtfulness.  ALL students: parochial, homeschool, and Echo must complete all of the forms (with the exception that those who attended the Saturday workshops do not need to complete the make-up work form).


Due by Friday, February 10th

Official Saint Report - Student completes this form


Due by Wednesday, February 15th

Fall Workshop Make-up Work - ONLY those students who did not attend the workshop must complete this

Winter Workshop Make-up Work - ONLY those students who did not attend the workshop must complete this


Due by Saturday, February 25th

Interview with Chosen Sponsor - Student completes this form with the Sponsor            

Sacramental Form - PARENT and student complete this form (Baptism details are necessary)



IMPORTANT DATES (all of these are mandatory for those wishing to be confirmed)


Saturday, March 4th

Confirmation Retreat - 9am – 4pm in the Parish Hall; breakfast, lunch and snacks will be served


Thursday, March 16th

Confirmation Rehearsal (times listed below; sponsor or proxy must attend with student)


Saturday, March 18th

Confirmation Masses (times listed below)




Mass Times:  Assignments are listed below.  Due to our numbers, changes to assigned Mass times will be considered on a very limited case by case basis.  Please understand that each Mass has a limit to the number of Confirmandi due to restrictions by the Archdiocese.


Photography: Arrangements for professional photography are still being worked out.  Please look for an email in the future about this.


Clothing: As you determine your clothes for this special day, please refer to these notes:

  • Young ladies are asked to dress in modest simple clothing – dresses/skirts should reach to just above the knee at least, shoulders covered and the top must be modest regarding tightness and cut; no open backs or low-cut necklines (wear a shawl or sweater if needed); flat or low-heel comfortable shoes- no flip flops or backless shoes should be worn since students will need to be able to walk up to meet the bishop with ease.

  • Males generally wear slacks and a button down long sleeve shirt (with or without a blazer) or a suit and dress shoes, no tennis/jogging shoes.

  • All students - Hair should be off the forehead so that the Bishop can anoint you!

  • Sponsors should also dress with formality and modesty according to the dignity of this liturgical celebration.



Saturday, March 18, 2023 - 10:30am (arrive by 9:00am; mandatory rehearsal March 16 at 5:30pm)

Aparicio, Savannah

Aquino, Xavier

Arroyo, Brandon

Barberan, Melanie

Becerra, Cristopher

Betancourt, Aileen

Caiazzo, Gianluca

Cartee, Benjamin

Carter, Ansley

Chavez, Alexsandra

Contreras, Nayeli

Crayon, Cameron

Cruz, Joally

Delgado, Giselle

Dell'Omo-Thimou, Mason

Devora, Ruben

Diaz, Yajaira

Duby, Avery

Espino, Alexander

Espino, Andrea

Espino, Yesenia

Fajardo, Daniel

Faz, Carolina

Felgueres, Sandra

Fernandez, Aathira

Gallegos, Katalyna

Garcia, John

Gomez, Tonantzin

Gonzalez, Omar

Gonzalez, Rosario

Guevara, Alexis

Gutierrez, Esmeralda

Hanley, Avery

Hansen, Kaylee

Heighton, Jack

Hernandez, Diana

Hoyos, Isaiah

Koch, Conner

Lassiter, Kaitlyn

Lorenzo, Daniel

Lorenzo, Geovany

Martinez, Elizabeth

Martinez, Hendrick

Martinez, Mauricio

Mendoza, Miguel

Meneses, Santiago

Mondragon, Natalie

Mondragon, Samantha

Moore, Bennett

Olivares, Lennyn

Olivares, Michelle

Olivera Palacio, Paola

Olvera, Fernanda

O'Shields, Colette

O'Shields, Marianne

Paradiso, Lyla

Paradiso, Neva

Patino Tamayo, Sandra

Peralta, Valeria

Perez, Yandel

Portillo, Osman

Puga, Faviola

Quijano, Ulysses

Ramirez Tamayo, Jesse

Razo, Dayanie

Reyes, Omar

Rockenstein, Mason

Rodriguez, Justin

Rodriguez, Sherlyn

Rosa, Anabella

Salazar, Angel

Santacruz, Brandon

Scirica, Holly

Seifert, Teyhani

Serrano, Carlos

Simbana, Justin

Studebaker, William (Omar)

Taylor, Marisa

Torres, Kevin

Trinidad, Tatiana

Vasquez, Julie

Vasquez-Perez, Jordyn

Vergara, Ashley

Vergara, Edward

Washam, Lila

Wysocki, Michaela

Saturday, March 18, 2023 - 1:30am (arrive by 12:00pm; mandatory rehearsal March 16 at 6:30pm)

Altamirano-Paz, Lucia

Altamirano-Paz, Regina

Amodio, Carl

Aranda, Jairo

Becerra, Nathan (Louie)

Bullock, Gram

Burchfield, Felicity

Carmona, Angie

Carmona, Guadalupe

Castillo, Anthony

Chen, Ryann

Clancy, Caroline

Cosentino, Matthew

Cosentino, Nathan

Crayon, Kevin

Cruse, Evan

Decker, Andrew

Denton, Jillian

Dinh, Adriana

Echeverri, Pablo

Ellingson, Thijs

Estrada, Cassandra

Fitzgerald, Emma

Fitzgerald, Lauren

Franckowiak, Brady

Gamull, Augustine

Geiger, Greyson

Gomez (Ocampo), Christopher

Gonzalez, Serafin

Gregory, Donald

Ham, Julia

Ham, Merrick

Hamrick, Thomas (Dell)

Hernandez, Steve

Hill, Joseph

Hoyos, Isaiah

Hoyt, Eli

Jordan, Ava

Kent, Patrick

Kilpatrick, Keegan

King, William

Macurak, Sophie

Mahin, Melissa

Malinao, Jenna

McLure, Alexis

Mendez, Emiliano

Mendez, Lucia

Miccio, John

Milam, Sarah

Mora, Cody

Mora, Melissa

Morales, Said

Nguyen, Khan

Olmeda Sanchez, Sofia

O'Shields, Colette

O'Shields, Marianne

Pantoja, Juan

Paramo, Marisol

Pierre, Skye

Pierre, Skye

Ponte, Katelyn

Ramirez, Adrian

Ramirez, Christopher (Emmanuel)

Ramirez, Ruben

Rangel, Valerie

Rodric, Brooks

Romero, Manuel

Saenz, Isabella

Serna, Gabriella (Gabby)

Taborda, Sebastian

Tigue, Jack

Tortorelli, Bernardo

Uruena, Elena

Von Maucher, Jens

Wagner, Luisa

West, Emanuela

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