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Natural Family Planning Ministry

Natural Family Planning Ministry

Welcome! The NFP ministry of St. Catherine's exists to offer you support, encouragement, and community as you live out the Church's beautiful teaching on married love!


Natural Family Planning (NFP) is the general title for the scientific, natural, and moral methods of family planning that can help married couples either achieve or postpone pregnancies. The methods of NFP respect the love-giving (unitive) and life-giving (procreative) nature of the conjugal act.


You can learn more details about NFP methods by exploring our Resources page. To develop a deeper understanding of what the Church teaches regarding sex and procreation, visit our Church Teaching page. And if you want to see what living out NFP in real life looks like, check out the testimonies below from some of our own parishioners.

Both the Sacrament of Marriage and the practice of NFP are simultaneously beautiful, purifying, and demanding. But the words of St. John Paul II offer strength to persevere: "Do not be afraid when love makes demands -- do not be afraid when love requires sacrifice!" Together, let's keep striving to live and love our vocations in God's perfect design.

As loudly and as persistently as our disbelieving culture proclaims its view of

sex and happiness, a simple look around reveals the sad truth:

too many people are left alone in the dark, searching for and failing to find love.

We need to proclaim even louder and more persistently:

God has the best, richest, and fullest plan for the happiness of married couples.

-Bishop Samuel Aquila

New Resource! Monthly Connection

Join hosts Amanda Morley and Lydia Borja for a monthly virtual class, where we'll cover topics relevant to YOUR journey with NFP -- from cycle problems and postpartum charting, to living NFP in real life, to ditching contraception and finding an NFP method that's right for you -- and much more! Learn from guest experts, hear other couples share their experiences, and get your questions answered, while building a strong and supportive community! 

 Join us on Zoom at this link. 

We are currently on a summer break, but have great content coming for you in the Fall! See you then!


After a great season of learning together, the St. Catherine's NFP ministry is seeking your feedback this summer! We'd love to know -- what topics would you like us to cover for our monthly gatherings starting again in August 2024? How else can we serve you? Click this link to submit feedback anonymously or browse our website to find more resources that can help you on your NFP journey. Reach out to with any questions or just to connect.

Have a great summer!



Find a comprehensive list of information, methods, instructors, and more. 


Church Teaching

Dive into a deeper understanding of the Church's teaching on love and sexuality.


Monthly Connection

Join us monthly for a free, live virtual class where we explore relevant topics and build supportive community.

Why We Use NFP

Testimonies from real life.

Kate & Eddy

"Much like the journey of faith, Natural Family Planning is a daily, weekly, monthly commitment, a walking side by side and arm and arm with God. It requires a unified front with a shared goal and cannot be achieved without a deep, personal relationship between spouses and our Creator."

Helen & Brad

"For more than 20 years, we've been NFP believers, and we want to tell you why NOT using contraception is the best way to live out your married vocation!"

Lydia's Story 

Why Teens Need NFP, Too

Read More

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Need extra encouragement?

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