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Miscarriage and Infant Loss

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If you experience a miscarriage or still birth, you may choose to have your baby’s remains interred in our special crypt St. Catherine’s has purchased at Winkenhofer Pine Ridge Memorial Park located in Kennesaw off of Cobb Parkway.  This crypt is available to St. Catherine’s parishioners at no cost to the family.  


If you miscarry at home, please try obtain the remains and place them in a sealable bag and reverently place them in the freezer unless you are able to have them transported to the funeral home immediately.  If you miscarry or have a DNC at the hospital, please make sure to notify the medical staff that you would like to obtain the remains.  Winkenhofer will cremate the remains at no cost and will provide a small container to be used to inter the remains in the crypt.  If you prefer not to have the remains cremated, it is possible to have the remains interred in the crypt depending on the size of the baby (typically 8 weeks or less).  If your child is older than 8 weeks, and you would like to have their remains buried without being cremated, there is an option to do this in the “Tranquility Garden” at Pine Ridge.  The plot is available to anyone at no cost, and the casket, vault, and marker are offered at a discounted price.


Please contact Winkenhofer Funeral Home at 770-422-7299 to make arrangements for the cremation and/or internment, and let them know that you are a parishioner of St. Catherine’s if you would like to have your baby interred in the special crypt belonging to the parish.  Please also make sure to contact our parish office at 770-428-7139 to arrange for pastoral care with one of our clergy and to schedule a time for the internment or burial. 


Each year, in October, we celebrate a special Mass of Remembrance for our children who have died in miscarriage or infancy.

 The names of each of the children are read at Mass.

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