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Archbishop's Annual Appeal 2018

Every year, the Archdiocese of Atlanta conducts an appeal to help fund the work of its offices and ministries throughout archdiocese. The appeal commences in January and concludes in December each year. Those of you who have given in the past will receive a letter soon from Archbishop Gregory asking for your support again this year. We will also have an in-pew pledge process February 3rd and 4th which will allow for all parishioners to respond to the appeal.

Our goal for our parish this year is $156,200. If we do not meet this goal, the shortfall will have to be made up from our operating budget. If we exceed the goal, however, every dollar that we receive in addition to our goal comes back to our parish 100%. Thanks to your generosity, last year we exceeded our goal by almost $30,000!

Please be generous once again this year in your response to the Archbishop’s Annual Appeal. If you have any questions about the appeal or would like to make a gift or a pledge online, please visit

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