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Father Jacques Philippe - Mission Recordings

This week, we completed our Parish Mission with Father Jacques Philippe, each night Father offered a powerful spiritual engagement. To learn more about Father Jacques, please visit his website.

Father Neil mentioned that Father Jacques and Sister Magdalit will be once again leading a pilgrimage to the Holy Land. This was a very powerful experience for Father Neil and he highly recommends the pilgrimage. If you are looking to go on pilgrimage, please consider going to the Holy Land with Father Jacques. For more information visit their website.

The Book sales for Father Jacques 'spiritual gems' were very popular, many of the books sold out before the mission began. The gift shop will begin stocking a selection of Father Jacques' books, however if you would like to buy directly from the publisher, visit Scepter Publishers.

As you continue your journey through Lent, you may wish to to revisit the sessions from our Parish Mission. If so, please feel free to listen to the recordings available here:

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