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Grace Scholars


GRACE Scholars is a Georgia nonprofit corporation and tax exempt charity that has met the requirements for designation as a student scholarship organization (SSO) in Georgia. Because GRACE is an SSO, Georgia taxpayers can contribute to GRACE in exchange for a generous tax benefit created by the Georgia legislature – a 100 percent tax credit.  Depending on the amount of your tax liability, an individual/head of household can donate up to $1,000, a married couple filing jointly can donate up to $2,500, and individuals with ownership in S-Corps, LLCs or Partnerships (pass-through entities) may be able to contribute up to $10,000. 


GRACE allows Catholic schools to transform lives by providing financial aid to students in need. Currently, St. Catherine of Siena Catholic School has 27 students attending SCS through the generosity of Grace Scholars and donors like you. 

Although applications cannot be submitted to the Department of Revenue until January 2, 2019, GRACE allows donors the opportunity to reserve their spot for 2019 now. For preferred handling, please submit your pre-registration by December 15, 2018.

For more information, or to register, visit

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