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Professional Counseling

We have partnered with Holy Family Counseling Center and Transfiguration Counseling to provide professional counseling to our parishioners who are in need of therapy.  Therapists from these groups meet with clients in person at the parish office or other locations as well as by video chat.   The parish offers a subsidy to assist our parishioners who are unable to pay for therapy themselves or through health insurance (please see Fr. Neil’s Letter Regarding Catholic Therapy). 


We currently have two therapists who meet with clients on site at St. Catherine’s:  Cristina de Gesu with Holy Family Counseling and Kevin Sevcik with Transfiguration Counseling  You may contact either of them directly or visit or to schedule appointments with other therapists.


If it would be a significant burden to you to pay for counseling and are in need of assistance, please contact Fr. Neil at before beginning to meet with the therapist.  We ask that you ensure that your health insurance benefits will not cover therapy with either of these organizations before requesting assistance.  If you are in need of assistance and health insurance will not cover the cost, the parish will subsidize up to 10 sessions per family (client pays a $25 co-pay per session).  For any questions, please contact Fr. Neil.

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