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Important Parish Information

Dear St. Catherine Parish Family,

Yesterday I sent out an email notifying you all that, per the directives of the archdiocese, we would be canceling all public Masses at St. Catherine’s through April 5th. However, I also mentioned that we would be live streaming Mass on Sundays and that the church would remain open during the week for prayer. I wanted to share some additional information with you regarding these points as well as some others.

Live Stream Masses

We will be live streaming two Masses on Sundays: Mass in English at 10:15 and Mass in Spanish at 1:30. You can view the Mass live on our Facebook page at You can also view the Mass at any point later on the Facebook page (please note that the Masses will be celebrated privately at the rectory, and individuals will not be able to attend in person). Although you will obviously be unable to receive Holy Communion, I encourage you to make an act of spiritual communion. Information on this practice can be found here. Additionally, if you would like to follow along with the Mass readings, you can find them here.

Mass Intentions

One of the most serious obligations a pastor has is to ensure that Masses are offered for all the specific intentions that have been requested. Please note that all Mass intentions that have been requested throughout the week will be offered at individual Masses, although the Mass may be offered for the particular intention at a different day and time than originally requested.


Please consider continuing to support the financial needs of the parish while away. We rely completely on your generosity in order to sustain the operations of our parish and compensate our staff. There are several ways that you may choose to do this: