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Change of Location - Memorial Day Mass

Dear St. Catherine Parish Family,

Tomorrow morning at 9:00am, we will have our first public Mass since Masses were suspended in the archdiocese a couple of months ago due to the coronavirus pandemic. I know many of you have been anxiously waiting to return back to Mass and to receive the Eucharist, in particular. I had originally planned to have all of our daily Masses on the patio of the parish hall; however, I am anticipating a larger crowd for tomorrow’s Mass, so I will be moving the Mass to the Mary garden, which provides a larger space for people to be able to spread out (after tomorrow, daily Masses will be held on the parish hall patio). Please park in the upper parking lot (on the preschool side of the campus) if you plan to attend, and enter through that entrance to the garden (the church and Our Lady of Grace building will not be open for you to enter from the lower parking lot). Please also make sure to follow the guidelines for attending Mass that I sent out earlier this week. They can be found here. (Please note that our daily Masses will be live streamed on our Facebook page as well.)

Tomorrow, we also mark Memorial Day. We pray in thanksgiving for all members of our armed forces, but we remember, in a special way, all of those who have given their lives in sacrifice for our country and for our freedom. Our Mass tomorrow will be offered for the intention of the souls of our fallen soldiers.

I look forward to seeing you all soon!

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