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Adult Faith Formation Resuming

Faith and Mission and Faith and the Spiritual Life are set to resume this September. These opportunities will help you grow in your faith and build community.

Faith and Mission - This year’s topic is “The Mystery of the Mass.” The Eucharistic liturgy is the source and summit of our faith, according to the documents of the second Vatican Council. But how well do we know and understand this source and this summit of our faith? Our hope for this program is that you will grow in knowledge and understanding of the liturgy, so that your faith may be deepened as your knowledge is increased. With more knowledge and more faith, you will be better equipped to go forth at the end of Mass. Join us Sundays at 8:45am in room 316. This will be ongoing starting September 11th.

Faith and the Spiritual Life- Exploring the foundations of Catholic spirituality and the heights of prayer through the hearts of the saints. Beginning with a study of what God has placed in the depths of our souls through grace, we will take a journey that will lead us through the way of perfection. In this journey, we will encounter some of the greatest writings in the treasury of the Church on Christian prayer. Join us Mondays at 7pm in room 203. This will be ongoing starting September 12th.

Please consider joining us. It will be great to see you there! For more information contact Jeremy Johnston at


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