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"Beholding His Glory" Bible Study

Join for a nine-week Bible study created by the Walking With Purpose ministry, called “Beholding His Glory.” As we look at Old Testament people and events, we’ll encounter problems that only Christ can solve, needs that only He can satisfy, and promises that only He can deliver.

This study shows us how all Scripture points us to our Redeemer, Jesus Christ. We’ll learn to recognize and appreciate God’s plan for our own lives, His awe-inspiring majesty, and His desire for personal intimacy with each one of us.

Learn how our Savior was first revealed in Genesis and how He is the answer to struggles with shame and fear. Understand important parallels between the lives of Moses and Jesus, and how both led their people to freedom. Accompany Joseph of the Old Testament on his life journey. The God who proved faithful to Joseph will not disappoint us!

The book for the study is $20 (plus tax & shipping) and can be ordered at the Walking with Purpose website:

We will meet Tuesdays from 9:45am - 11:45am beginning January 19th. To register, or for more information, please contact Jen Potrawski at


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