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The Search Begins June 14!

Why does happiness seem so fleeting? Why is life the way it is? Why are we here? Why do we exist? Why are we filled with deep longings that the world cannot satisfy? What do you seek? Who are you? Why a God? What’s our story? Who is Jesus? Am I saved? Why a Church? Narrated by well-known Catholic evangelist Chris Stefanick, The Search is an award-winning video-based series that’s turning heads as it explores fundamental questions and mysteries like these. This series features scientists, artists, philosophers, and other people from all walks of life proclaiming how their searches for meaning in life led them to Jesus and the Gospel. The national reception to it has been so enthusiastic that we are bringing it here, to our parish, for all our spiritual benefit and growth. St. Catherine of Siena Catholic Church will be hosting a night of food and fellowship featuring The Search video series. This gathering is open to all adults whether you are a long-time member of St. Catherine’s or are visiting us for the first time. Come join us! If your faith is already solid, The Search will help you to deepen it. If you’re feeling unsure, it’s for you too. If you want to invite someone to experience God in a real way, then bring them along! The Search group will meet on Tuesday nights at 6:30pm in the parish hall beginning June 14th and running through July 26th. We will share a free meal followed by a video presentation and small group discussion. Please RSVP here so that we can have a meal prepared for you! If you have any questions please contact

Testimonies from those who have experienced The Search: Sold on the series after the first episode! This needs to be watched worldwide—many in our society are in dire need of faith! Many have the faith, but are barely holding on to it. I hope this reaches millions . . . . Many prayers for a great awakening—our society needs it! ~ JOANN Wow! This series is a blessing for anyone who watches it. It’s impossible to not have your heart touched by it! So edifying and thought-provoking . . . it will help so many people take God from their head to the heart. Thank you for creating such a beautiful body of work that is clearly inspired by the Holy Spirit! It’s so needed in this hurting world. Amazing! ~ COLLEEN This is worthy of being viewed by everyone in every group imaginable! It is a magnificent lead-in to the reactions and questions that will inevitably follow. It will quicken even the most lukewarm and distant hearts to ask, “Who is he, and who is he for me?” ~ TINA


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