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Church Teaching on NFP

We invite you to explore the Church's beautiful teaching on marriage, family, and human sexuality.

"Children are the supreme gift of marriage. ... Without intending to underestimate the other ends of marriage, it must be said that true married love and the family life which flows from it have this end in view: that the spouses would cooperate generously with the love of the Creator and Savior, who through them will in due time increase and enrich His family."  -Gaudium et Spes, Second Vatican Council

Fr. Neil's NFP Presentation

Further Reading

  • Love and Responsibility, by Karol Wojtyla 

  • Men, Women, and the Mystery of Love, by Edward Sri

  • Sex Au Natural, by Patrick Coffin

  • Heaven's Song, by Christopher West

  • Introduction to Theology of the Body, by Christopher West

  • Good News About Sex and Marriage, by Christopher West

  • Three to Get Married, by Ven. Archbishop Sheen

  • Books and talks by Prof. Janet Smith

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