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Sanctuary Choir


“Choir members, like all liturgical ministers, should exercise their ministry with evident faith and should participate in the entire liturgical celebration, recognizing that they are servants of the Liturgy and members of the gathered assembly.” --Sing to the Lord, 32

The Sanctuary Choir sings a wide repertoire of Sacred Music enjoying the masterpieces of the greatest composers of our time and of times’ past, beginning with Gregorian Chant and Palestrina to Mozart and Rutter. The Sanctuary choir is made up of adult musicians in every range, who have previous music experience and can read music proficiently. The Sanctuary Choir sings weekly for Sunday Mass as well as Feast Days and special occasions. The Sanctuary Choir meets for rehearsal every Wednesday from 7-8:30 PM. If you would like to audition, please contact Charissa Saenz.

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