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Mary As Queen Wife or Mother?

Q. If Mary is Queen, and Jesus is King, wouldn’t that make her His wife?

A. Recall that King David’s reign over the ancient Israelites was a foreshadowing of the later, universal reign of his descendant Jesus Christ, “the Son of David” (Matthew 1:1). Jesus’ kingship is in fact a fulfillment of God’s age-old promise that David’s throne would be established forever (2 Samuel 7:16; Luke 1:32–33). Now David, his son and royal heir Solomon, and their successors on the throne often had multiple wives. These wives could not all be the queen, so customarily, the king’s mother was considered the queen, what we would today call the Queen Mother—called in Hebrew Gebirah, “The Great Lady.”

Scriptural accounts of the Queen Mother indicate that this role was of the highest honor. She was crowned; the king stood to honor her when she entered his presence; and her throne was placed at the king’s right hand. She served as his counselor and an intercessor for the people. Since King Jesus is the heir to David’s throne, His Mother is our Queen. As our “Great Lady,” she acts as our beloved counselor and intercessor.

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