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PSR Family Resources

Dear Parish School of Religion Families,

On behalf of the Parish School of Religion Staff, we are praying for all of you during COVID-19 and the cancelling of PSR Classes and activities.

We are all praying for the Virtue of Hope and trying to rest ourselves in God’s unconditional love.

We encourage our families to continue faith formation at home. This is a great time to spend time together sharing our faith and praying together as a family. The following are fun things to do with the Feast Days of two of our Beloved Saints.

March 17th, St. Patrick’s Day: See this link for fun downloadable crafts, a St. Patrick Tea Party and prayers to the Trinity.

March 19th, The Feast Day of St. Joseph: See this link below for ideas to celebrate the Feast Day of St. Joseph.

If you need anything please feel free to contact me. We are here for you!

The grade level coordinators will also be emailing you with faith formation ideas for the home.

Robin Matthews: Grade 6-8, B’Tween Life

Kathy Boughner: PreK, CGS, Grades Kindergarten, 1, 3-5, Vacation Bible School

Rebecca Sartain: Living the Gospel Faith Formation

Melissa Robinson: Grade 2, OCIC Years 1 and 2, Sacramental Preparation

We follow Cobb County School’s calendar for the most part. Spring Break falls right before Easter, so we plan on meeting again on Wednesday, April 15th.

and Sunday, April 19th.

If that changes we will let you know. May we all be healthy and safe.

God Bless,

Joan Hennes

Director of Religion Education

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