Important Parish Updates

Dear St. Catherine Parish Family,

Last week I made my annual retreat (priests are required by canon law to make a retreat each year). It was quite a fruitful time of prayer and spiritual reading. I spent time, in particular, meditating and reflecting on the gift of the Eucharist, and I was able to pray before the Blessed Sacrament for several hours each day. Although there are many reflections I could share with you that came from my retreat, the most important was a renewed resolve to be a priest devoted to prayer and adoration and a renewed awareness that this must be the foundation of all the other work that I do as a priest. When I was ordained a priest, I committed myself to making a holy hour (spending at least an hour each day in prayer before the Blessed Sacrament), and my retreat gave me a renewed resolve to make this a priority. This is the first and most important reflection I wish to share with you as your pastor.