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Exciting News!

Dear St. Catherine Parish Family,

A little over two years ago, we began our Honoring Our Past, Building Our Future capital campaign to help build our new parish hall, retire our previous debt from past building projects and land acquisitions, and help build a healthier capital reserve for large facilities needs in the future. Our goal for the campaign was $4 million. To date, our pledges and gifts total almost $3.7 million with approximately $2.7 million collected already.

I am extremely excited to be able to tell you today that we just made the final payment on our bridge loan on the parish hall (cost of the hall was approximately $2.5 million)! This is really an incredible testimony to your generosity that we have been able to completely pay off the loan on the parish hall so quickly, and I am so grateful to all of you who have supported the campaign over the last two years. The parish hall, as you know, turned out beautifully, and it has been such a wonderful addition to our campus. Prior to the pandemic, we were using it just about every day for various activities for our parish and schools. And currently, we are still using it daily for Masses on the covered patio.