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Stewardship of Prayer and Faith

Dear St. Catherine Parish Family,

As you know, this year, again, we are holding our annual parish stewardship campaign. When we think of stewardship, we often begin by thinking about stewardship of our treasure. But stewardship is a really an entire way of life that first acknowledges who God is and recognizes our own deepest identity as God’s children. We are then led to a deeper trust in His providence, recognizing that everything we have is a gift from Him. Consequently, we are moved to a deep sense of gratitude and strive to use God’s gifts well by living a life of courageous and heroic love and generosity.

This past weekend, Fr. Valery and I spoke at Mass specifically about the idea of stewardship of prayer and faith, and we invited you to consider making a commitment to giving back to God a gift of a tithe of your time (10% of a day – 2.4 hours) each week to growing in your spiritual life and your formation in the faith. This may include a commitment to personal prayer, public prayer, personal study, or participation in our religious education and faith formation programs for adults and children (most of which are currently happening virtually).