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Knight of Columbus Family of the Month and Knight of the Month

Jeremy had been a non-practicing Baptist before he came to the one true faith in 2006. And then he met Lilly, his lovely and devout cradle Catholic wife, a few years later. They married on February 12, 2012, and they now have five children ranging in age from minus one to nine. Before Lilly began devoting most of her time to nurturing their children in the Catholic faith, she was a missionary traveling in the US, to Haiti and to Mexico. She contemplated a religious vocation, until she met Jeremy who helped her to discern her true vocation. Lilly has worked in marriage prep, RCIA, and as a catechist. Besides all that she put up with Jeremy’s aspirations to earn a doctorate of theology degree at Ave Maria university, so Jeremy didn’t have to deliver pizzas. Jeremy is closing in on the degree and thankful that I will not be hearing his oral arguments. Jeremy is our Parish Director of Adult Faith Formation and Evangelization and the parish staff advisor to the young Catholic adult group, Abide. He runs the RCIA program for our parish and has been a student advisor as well as having been a religion teacher in Catholic schools and colleges. He is a member of Regnum Christi, the 3rd order of the Legion of Christ. Jeremy entered Knighthood on December 28, 2007 and became a 3rd degree Knight with our Council on July 12, 2021. Because of their model family life and generous evangelization, the Jeremy and Lilly Johnston family is our family of the month for February 2022.

Often unobserved but always in the background supporting our Council and its activities, Steve Hullihen is a Knight of action. His helpful suggestions and wisdom as our 2-year trustee go far in building a strong Council and successful events. Steve is always a volunteer to lead events when his family and work don’t take priority and a few months ago Steve took on the challenge of running our very successful soccer challenge, the first to be held in several years. Over and over again, when the word goes out for someone in need, Steve is one of the first to answer. He has donated many hours in the past to delivering the Holy Eucharist to the home bound, and he is a Master of Ceremony at Sunday Masses. During the week he is a devout worshipper at Holy Hour. He is a 4th degree Knight who raises his sword to the greater honor and glory of God on every occasion possible. For these reasons, Steve Hullihen is our Knight of the month for February.


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