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Staff Changes and New Website

Dear St. Catherine Parish Family,

I wanted to share a couple of pieces of news with you. First, I am very excited to be able to announce that this weekend we are launching our redesigned website. The new website is part of our larger effort to harmonize our branding and marketing across all our means of communication.

We began the process some months ago with our logo redesign, which contains several symbols corresponding to our mission. Subsequently, we redesigned our bulletin to correspond more closely to the look and feel of our new branding. And finally, we have redesigned our website to be more user-friendly and aesthetically appealing and to correspond more closely to the structure and organization of our bulletin.

When you have a moment, please visit our new website at I hope you find it as attractive and helpful as I do.

Next, I wanted to let you know about a couple of upcoming staff changes in our parish. First, our business manager, George Green, will be retiring in mid-May. George has been a member of our staff for seven years and has played an important role in maintaining our good operations in our parish and schools. I want to thank George for his dedicated service, and I wish him many blessings as he enjoys his much-deserved retirement.

I am pleased that John Callozzo, one of our parishioners, has accepted the position as our new business manager. John is a CPA and has an MBA; I know he will bring valuable skills and experience with him to continue to serve our parish and schools well.

In early June, James Perkins will join our staff as our new youth minister. I am pleased to welcome James, who is extremely passionate about ministering to our teens and is also a wonderful musician. James will be present this weekend at our middle school and teen social, and I am hoping many of our teens and families will have an opportunity to meet him.

Please join me in bidding a fond farewell to George and Ryan, and in welcoming John and James to our parish staff.

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