Why Are We Born Sinners?

Q. If we’re made in God’s image, why are we born into the world as sinners?

A. We are truly made in God’s image (see Genesis 1:26–27). That means we are, like God himself, persons:We have a rational intellect so that we can think, and we have a free will so that can love and make other choices.

Nevertheless, the image of God in us has been marred, like the image of a face on a coin that has become scratched and worn. Our intellects have been darkened and our wills have been bent in the wrong directions.

How did this happen? Because of what we call original sin.

Our first human parents used their free wills to turn against God through sin. The result was that they lost the righteousness they originally possessed. They could not pass on to their offspring what they themselves no longer possessed, so all their descendants (except for Jesus and His mother) have been born with a deficiency, a defect, a disorder, that we call original sin.</