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A Note to the Men & Women of Our Parish

Dear St. Catherine’s Parish Family,

The beginning of the year is always a time for us to make resolutions, and if you are anything like me, often our resolutions are related to growing in our faith. There are certainly many ways for us to do this, but as we begin this new year, I want to offer a special invitation to all the men and women of our parish to join us for our Men of Faith and Women of Faith monthly prayer breakfast gatherings. These meetings are a wonderful way for us to come together in fellowship and prayer to talk about important issues that relate to our lives as men and women.

I believe these two ministries in particular are extremely important, and I am hoping that they become the backbone of our parish fellowship and serve to promote the spiritual life of our parish. Please consider joining us for our upcoming sessions (the information can be found below), and be sure to invite others as well.

I also want to invite you to consider joining us for our upcoming Faith and Love Conference on March 30. This is an extremely important conference that will cover several pivotal moral issues related to marriage and human sexuality. You can find more information and register for the conference at

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