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Did the Risen Jesus Appear to His Mother?

Q. Wouldn’t Jesus have appeared to His mother after His resurrection? Why is there no biblical account of that event?

A. Biblical commentators have long speculated about this matter. Some think that Jesus didn’t appear to Mary because her faith required no evidence of that sort for His resurrection. Others conjecture that the encounter happened, but knowledge of the event is not necessary for our salvation, so the Gospel writers passed over the incident in silence.

Personally, I find it almost impossible to believe that Jesus would not have appeared to Mary first, given that she was His mother, she had suffered so much with Him and for His sake, and her role in the plan of redemption He was fulfilling was unequaled. I also think it more likely that the Evangelists remained silent about the event either because their immediate audience would have assumed it took place, or because the encounter was so intimate and profound that it was ineffable—best left a private matter between the Son of God and His mother.

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