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Is the St. Benedict Medal Spiritual "Armor"?

Q. The Memorial of St. Benedict is celebrated this week (June 11). I have a friend who wears a St. Benedict medal and calls it part of his “armor” in spiritual warfare. What does he mean by that?

A. St. Benedict (c. 480–c. 547) was the Italian abbot who built a monastery in Monte Casino, Italy, that was to become the birthplace of Western monasticism. He was a champion in spiritual warfare, and his medal is known as a great source of graces in that regard. The medal is highly indulgenced and is so distinctive that it has its own designated blessing instead of the usual blessing for sacramentals. Exorcists tell us that it is indeed a great weapon in battling the Enemy of our souls. The medal contains an image of St. Benedict on one side and a cross on the other, beca